Utho Ngathi - We are something

‘Utho Ngathi’ is an expression in Zulu, the language spoken by South Africa’s largest cultural group. It translates into English as “You are something because of me and I am something because of you” – and that’s exactly what we are about.

The challenge

There are estimated to be more than 35 million disabled people in southern Africa. This equates to at least 10% of the overall population. Of that number, just 2% or so have access to support in the form of therapy, education or wheelchairs/walking frames. The decades-long struggle against HIV/Aids and the coronavirus pandemic have made the situation even more difficult. Inhabitants of rural regions have been hit particularly hard: many of the disabled live here, and they need special care and assistance.

Our motto

„Inclusion the solution“: we believe inclusion is the answer for disabled people. 

Our vision

We want people living with disabilities in southern Africa to take an active part in the life of society and reach their potential – independently and confidently.

Our aims


  • Disabled people are being incorporated into society, playing a natural part in everyday activities and becoming ‘something because of each other’.
  • They benefit from access to work, which enables them to lead independent and autonomous lives.
  • We create an enlightened, viable and comfortable environment in which everyone is at ease and accepts others as they are.
  • Achieving this involves therapy, family training sessions, a barrier-free environment, aids like wheelchairs/walking frames, education and numerous other individual services.


  • Education and facilitating independence through employment
  • Specialisation in inclusive agriculture
  • Qualifications for disabled people make a long-lasting contribution to autonomy and improved living conditions