Overview of our projects

Inclusivity and sustainable economic activity are core goals in the work of Utho Ngathi – goals that are achieved by learning, working and living in partnership. 


The Simunzele residential school in Zambia

  • A safe home for 12 children in the southern province of Zambia
  • Support from our staff 
  • Access to therapy and training
  • Lessons at the Simunzele Basic School
  • Integration into garden project
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Work placements with partner companies

  • Education and promotion of talent and independence
  • Preparation for the workplace
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The greenhouses

  • Regular income through the cultivation and sale of spinach, peppers and chilli
  • Specially trained staff overseeing an inclusivity project, among them several disabled persons
  • Variety of tasks: planting seedlings, watering plants using a computer-based system, controlling weeds and grass, pruning and much more
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The chicken farm

  • Help in making a livelihood, including nutrition programme
  • Chicken and eggs are important constituents of a balanced diet for the population
  • Tasks performed by staff of small farmhouses: breeding, feeding, poultry sales
  • Contribute to a personal livelihood
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Home visit programmes

  • Active integration, awareness raising and training for families
  • Through regular home visits, family members and others in the community are trained to be aware of the needs of disabled people
  • Contact with families, promotion and evaluation of therapeutic progress and further assistance through trained and voluntary helpers
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Community-based rehabilitation

  • Project work in village communities aimed at integrating people with disabilities
  • Mitigating the physical, psychological and social consequences of disability or restricted activity


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To offer disabled people long-term and sustainable support, the Utho Ngathi team runs regular awareness campaigns and collects data.