Therapy and Training

In parts of Africa, there is still widespread superstition that a disability is some kind of punishment; people with disabilities are excluded from village life, and even from their family circles. With this in mind, Utho Ngathi aims to deliver critical education and rehabilitation through home visits and community work.

Home visit programmes

Regular home visits by our team members raise awareness of the needs of disabled people among relatives and others in the community. Training and educational sessions seek to enhance the life skills of entire families, so that they can actively incorporate affected persons into local community life. Aids like wheelchairs can also help people with a disability sit at the table again. Further assistance is provided by trained and voluntary nurses, who maintain regular contact in order to observe and analyse therapeutic progress.

Community-based rehabilitation

In rural areas of southern Africa, the disabled have practically zero access to healthcare services or schools; integration into the labour market is equally difficult. Our Community-Based Rehabilitation aims to bridge this gap and help those affected become active and valued members of society. As well as educating people against the marginalisation that happens in many places, this involves tools like wheelchairs, training and projects of value to the community (such as participation in inclusivity projects like our chicken and vegetable farms).